Time to get a strong squad!

The game has just been launched and so did our FIFA 20 hack. From this moment on you’ll be able to get free FUT 20 coins and points on your account. It doesn’t even matter if you play on a Xbox, PlayStation or on the PC. Its super easy for you and for all the other gamers in the world to build the strongest squad and get the best players on the game.


Is it really so easy to use?

Yes, you can use it anywhere you want and any time! It also doesn’t matter on what platform you are playing. The only thing important is you are having an working internet connection. After that you can easily just enter your username, choose on what platform you are playing and follow the instructions correctly!

It can make a significant difference!

Take a look at this picture:

It only took us about three minutes to generate a big number of coins and points for our account. Its by far the easiest solution and method, when it comes to getting free FIFA 20 coins. For you there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Our hack keeps you safe and nobody can see your username or squad name.

This is how it can look like!

Look at this screenshot: 

We used the FIFA 20 coin generator even before the game release. What happened then was we could get free FIFA 20 coins and points on our account. We used them to open hundreds of packs. From this we could also get some icons and other great players. In the end we could form a great team in just one day. We would recommend you not to use the PS4 or Xbox One to open packs, because it takes really long. The best is to use the FUT Companion or the Web App. Its much faster and somehow we felt we got better players when we used the Web App, than when we opened normal gold packs on our PS4. But as you can see on the screenshot: Its definitely worth it to use the FIFA 20 coins hack. It can make the game much more fun.

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