How to get free FUT 20 coins and points!

The waiting time is over. From now on you will be able to get unlimited coins and points on your FUT 20 club. Before we start you should know what I am talking about:

Since FIFA 11 it is possible to run a so called “FIFA Coin Generator” in order to get the expensive in-game currencies “coins” and “points” in the game for free. Normally people would spend endless real money on them, but this is not necessary since the hack exists. Last year it was working perfectly fine for FIFA 19 and also this year it will work on every gaming console and PC.

fifa 20 ultimate team hack


Why is it important to get free FIFA 20 coins and points?

You might already know the Ultimate Team mode is “Pay To Win“. This means if you spend more money on the points you will be more successful. In the end it depends what team you got. There is a huge difference if you got Pele and Maradona or just normal average players. Therefore we can only recommend you to run the FIFA 20 hack in order to generate free points and coins. It will help you a lot. If you check out YouTube or Twitch you will find thousands of gamer, which are willing to spend a fortune on this game. The big problem about Ultimate Team is you never know what players you get out of the FUT packs. For sure is you will get a majority of useless consumable items like player contracts, manager contracts, fitness, coaches and other things. It is absolutely not necessary to get them with your real money.

Normally FIFA Points are so expensive.

Is there any risk for you?

No, you won’t run into any risk, if you are using the FIFA 20 coins hack. That being said you won’t get banned. Nobody is going to figure out you used a hack to get free coins or points. We have so many proxies and other encryption methods integrated in the FIFA 20 coin generator, they will easily protect you and your account. As long as you don’t tell anyone you just used hacks and cheats, no one is going figure it out. It is recommended to keep it as a secret, since there are so many gamers, which will easily report you. Don’t forget 99% of the gamer are actually spending real money on it. Be careful who you talk to about the FIFA 20 hack. You might trigger something or someone.

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