Best Tips and Tricks for FUT 20

Ever wondered what makes the difference between ordinary gamer and professionals, which are winning thousands of dollar per tournament? They exactly know how the game works and every aspect of the game.

What is really important on FIFA Ultimate Team?

There are three aspects, which will decide if you are a loser or a winner. Lets take a look on them:

  • Taking advantage and avoiding glitches (kick-off glitch for example)
  • basic understanding of football
  • having a strong team

If you have played FIFA 18 or FIFA 19 for a while you already noticed there are some “tricks” or better to say “glitches”, which can give you a huge advantage. Some of them are really annoying, but pretty useful. For example the “la croqueta” trick or the other overpowered skills in the game. It is really important for you to know all the glitches and to take advantage of them. On YouTube you will find hundreds of videos of all the popular bugs.

The most important aspect to be successful von FIFA 20 is your squad. You want the best players as possible. By this we don’t mean normal 85+ players, but icons, man of the match, team of the week, team of the season, team of the year and so on. There are countless special players.

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Why are glitches still existing?

Thats a pretty good question, since EA is updating/patching the game really often. It seems like they don’t care about some bugs in the game. For example the kick off bug has been in the game for a really long time. It survived several patches and didn’t get fixed. Thats just one example, but it shows the whole situation.

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How to get the best possible squad?

First of all you need enough coins and points. Getting them can be hard for some people. For others it is pretty easy. For example if they are using the FIFA 20 coin generator, which works on every Xbox One, PS4, PC and other platforms. It is by far the best way on how to get free FIFA 20 coins and points. Some people don’t like to use the hack, but others are huge fan of it. The hack tool exist since FIFA 11 and developed a lot in the last few years. You don’t need to download the generator anymore, but you can just use it on your PC, smartphone or tablet as an online generator. We also got it on

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